Belman Homes Offers Nexia Home Automation As Standard

  • Posted on: 23 May 2013
  • By: chw staff

Belman Homes has announced that their new development in the Milwaukee area is to offer Nexia home automation system as a standard feature. The system features include an internet monitored front lock set, programmable thermostat, motion sensor, interior camera and lighting control.

belman-homes“We were blown away by the functionality of the system. You can easily control and monitor key components in your home just about anywhere from your computer or smart phone,” says David Belman, Belman Homes. “We feel it is the next big thing in housing.”

These components can all be controlled from the homeowner’s computer or cell phone. From the homeowner’s computer they have the options of tracking energy usage, storing videos and notification settings can all be easily controlled.

Other bonuses of the new standard feature include:

  • Alerts on temperature drops, front lock usage, motion sensor disruption.
  • Live feed of a room inside the home at anytime.
  • Control locks, thermostat, and lighting from anywhere.
  • Save money and conserving energy by adjusting thermostat from anywhere.
  • Program the system to fit personal needs. Allow workers or contractors to enter home, know when they are coming and going and program in unique codes that can expire.

“Much like how navigation has changed how people interface with their vehicles, people are now able to interface with their homes.” Belman Homes is excited to be able to offer this as a standard feature in their new homes.