Boxee Licensed RoxioNow Platform from Sonic Solutions

  • Posted on: 18 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Boxee announced that they have licences the RoxioNow entertainment platform from Sonic Solutions.  Boxee said the alliance is to give the public more options to access premium content for a range of connected devices.  The RoxioNow platform will be Boxee’s choice platform to its web-to-TV desktop application, as well as upcoming set-top boxes, mobile devices and TVs.*
The RoxioNow platform’s ability to deliver content on hardware such as Smartphones, set-top DVRs, PCs, Blu-ray Disc Players, Connected TVs and other mobile media devices has made it the platform of choice for many companies that want to offer their customers more choices to access and enjoy their content. Sonic has also partnered with DTS to add DTS’ high quality multi-channel audio format to the RoxioNow platform.
Boxee has now joined a list of companies such as Best Buy, Blockbuster, Lionsgate and Asus that are now using RoxioNow to deliver multimedia content to their customers. With Boxee enjoy their music, personal movies, photos, TV show as well as streaming content from websites like Pandora, Netflix,, MLB.TV and flickr.

According to Dave Habiger, predident and CEO at Sonic Solutions, “Boxee is leading the charge to bring the creativity and flexibility of the web to the TV and is another example of how our RoxioNow technologies and infrastructure can enable a wide array of companies to quickly develop and launch premium content services.”

*pending device review by content providers