Carphone Warehouse and Catch Media Launched Music Anywhere Service

  • Posted on: 3 August 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

carphone warehouseCarphone Warehouse in collaboration with Catch Media has launched the UK’s first cloud music services.  For less than £30 subscribers will have access to a catalogue of music similar to what they have at home on the internet.  The service negates the need to copy and carry all your music files with you whenever you leave your home. All you will need is internet access and a compatible mobile device and you will be able to listen to any music track in your catalogue.

How Will Music Anywhere Work
The Music Anywhere service work by comparing the songs you have in your iTune and Windows Media Player library to their catalogue (of more than six million songs) and make the same songs available to you for download.  For songs that you have and they don’t they will upload a copy to their system for you to access when you need it.

Once you are a member you can download an App for your mobile phone. Carphone Warehouse said they have Apps that are compatible with most major smartphone, including Blackberry, iPhone and devices running the Google Android operating system.  The App then allow you to stream music remotely from MediaNet (a local partner) to your phone from anywhere in the world.

An added feature of the App is, it make note of your most listen to song and automatically save these songs (500) to your phone; so that you still have access to them of you are somewhere without an internet connection like the London underground.

Pricing and Availability
Already the Music Anywhere service is available with the Samsung Europa Mobile phone when bought from The Carphone Warehoue, a good option knowing that you are buying a phone that is guarantee to work. Otherwise you can subscribe for an annual fee of £29.99.

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