GE Opens Grid IQ Experience Center In Atlanta

  • Posted on: 20 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

GE Energy held the grand opening ceremony for its new Grid IQ Experience Center, located in the Smart Grid Center of Excellence in Atlanta, Ga. Grid IQ is GE's company-wide commitment to solving customers’ toughest challenges in innovative ways with more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions. The state-of-the-art, interactive Experience Center educates utilities, consumers, regulators and policy makers about the global energy landscape and the GE technologies modernizing the electrical grid to empower energy suppliers and consumers. GE and the Center of Excellence have created approximately 200 new jobs in Georgia since 2009.

“As a source for energy education and innovation, the Experience Center will have a positive impact on the city and our state for years to come,” said Governor Nathan Deal. “Grid IQ Experience Center supports our state’s economic growth and helps characterize Atlanta as a global leader in the energy sector.”

The Grid IQ Experience Center ( features an iPad-guided tour to help visitors understand smart grid solutions and their potential to change how power is generated, delivered and consumed. Visitors will learn why and how GE technologies empower consumers to make smarter decisions about energy consumption, like charging an electric vehicle during off-peak times. The Experience Center also features in-depth technical demonstrations to help educate utility engineers about GE’s proven energy solutions for increasing efficiency and reliability.

“Global electricity demand is expected to increase 75 percent by 2030*,” said Bob Gilligan, vice president—digital energy for GE Energy Services. “We must take action to modernize the grid to meet our growing capacity, environmental and security needs. Our new Grid IQ Experience Center will position Atlanta as a leader in driving change through the power of education—showcasing how utilities, regulators and consumers can enact measures simultaneously to achieve a greater degree of energy efficiency.”

Along with the Grid IQ Experience Center, the Smart Grid Center of Excellence includes a world-class smart grid innovation laboratory. GE’s collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), one of the nation’s top research universities, is aiding in developing the laboratory. Through their involvement, Georgia Tech students will be able to develop and test new smart grid technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability and environmental impact of energy delivery and use—including the integration of more renewable energy sources like wind and solar.