Helix Releases Wind Turbine Smart Grid Monitoring System

  • Posted on: 5 October 2010
  • By: admin

Helix WindHelix Wind, a global renewable energy company has announced the release of its next generation Wind Turbine Monitoring System (WTMS). Helix Wind has significantly improved its smart grid technology, which monitors performance and uptime of Helix Wind Savonius turbines and connected power electronics. The latest release of the WTMS will be available for shipment within the next 30 days.  New WTMS hardware will embrace a smaller footprint and unveils a robust and refined web-interface that can be accessed from a computer's web browser online anytime, anywhere.

WTMS web-based software continues to monitor, record, and report a broad variety of performance metrics in real time, including: wind speed, turbine output, inverter metrics, grid frequency, and an array of other variables. A single wired Ethernet solution retails for $1,500. Current WTMS owners will be happy to receive a free software upgrade upon release at no additional charge.

"The enhanced WTMS smart grid technology is compatible with all Helix Wind Savonius turbines. Uptime, reliability, and accountability, are the hallmarks of all Helix Wind solutions and by enhancing the smart features of the Helix Wind product line, it provides our customers with a clearer and broader data history of turbine performance," said Helix Wind Chairman, CEO & President Scott Weinbrandt.

Helix specialised in the design, manufacturing and sales of small wind vertical axis turbines designed to generate 300W, 1kW, 2.0kW, and 4.5kW of clean, renewable electricity. Additional information can be found at www.helixwind.com.