Marvell Adds Support For RVU Protocol on ARMADA 1000 Chip

  • Posted on: 10 September 2010
  • By: chw staff

rvu allianceThe ARMADA 1000 High Definition media processor System-on-a-Chip (SoC) - part of the ARMADA Processors from Marvell now has support for RVU protocol.  The new solution will be deployed in various low powered consumer electronic (CE) devices such as handsets, tablets and set-top boxes (STB). This is expected to benefit operators by allowing them to provide a consistent viewing experience and features to connected CE devices, while consumers benefit from a standard user experience throughout the home without the need for separate proprietary devices.

The RVU protocol was developed by the RVU Alliance (Verizon, DIRECTV, Samsung, Cisco and Broadcom) to facilitate the whole home TV entertainment experience through connected devices. It is a client/server-base technology that used to allow content sharing across a wide variety of devices.

The RVU specification uses widely implemented UPnP and DLNA technologies to enable gateway device such as an advanced set-top box to communicate and share data with non-proprietary client devices such as connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes.

The support of RVU protocol on the ARMADA 1000, which is used in low powered devices expected to make RVU more widely available. "Bringing the RVU protocol to the low-power and scalable ARMADA 1000 HD media processor opens brand new levels of operator and consumer engagement, rapidly advancing the home entertainment experience," said Gaurav Shah, General Manager for the Digital Entertainment Business Unit at Marvell.