The New HDI Dune Pro To Feature Connected Home Services

  • Posted on: 1 September 2010
  • By: chw staff

HDI Dune launches a new HD home media center for today’s connected homes. The HDI Dune Pro Blu-ray player features a new technology platform that allows it to be integrated into a connected home environment, which allows it to be monitored and controlled along with other appliances within the home.  According to HDI Dune the HDI Dune Home Technologyis a collaborative effort between them and 4Home, that allows home monitoring, media management, and control of all networked cameras, thermostats, lights, etc. from the television.

Using the Television as the main user interface the HDI Dune Home Technology allows these products connect to the home network and display a control interface for monitoring and managing all connected devices and media via the television. It also features a true audiophile-grade power supply and internal components for superior quality with both 7.1-channel digital and 2-channel analog playback.

As standard it comes with a Blu-ray disc drive, a 3.5" SATA HDD rack, Ethernet and WiFi networking capabilities, and HDI Dune Home technology for Connected Home Services.

HDI Dune Home Technology
HDI Dune Home technology taps into the value of the home network to allow users to control and manage all connected devices over a unified interface. In the case of HDI Dune Pro, this interface is presented on the television and accessed using the supplied remote control and a simple setup wizard. The following service capabilities are standard:

Monitoring: The HDI Dune Home Monitoring service lets users monitor and manage IP cameras with the capability to stream live video, record it to local and remote storage, manage camera streaming options, share IP cameras and recordings, in addition to basic functionality such as playback, fast forward, tagging, and archiving to a hard drive. This service provides users with home security when they are on vacation, at work, or away.

Control: The HDI Dune Home Control service lets users control lights, appliances, HVAC systems & thermostats, motion detectors, door locks, and a variety of other home devices compatible with supported standards.
Mobile: The HDI Dune Home Mobile user interfaces let users enjoy the full spectrum of Connected Home Services from their smart phone. Alerts and notifications promptly alert users to events in their home and are available on any mobile phone with SMS capability.

"Consumer excitement for Connected Home Services is fueling demand for A/V products that offer superior networking and control functionality," said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, CEO of HDI Dune. "When consumers buy a product with HDI Dune Home technology they'll be able to adjust their digital thermostat or see who is at the front door just as easily as they can enjoy high-definition movies from the comfort of their couch."

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