O2 Switches On 4G Network in London

  • Posted on: 14 November 2011
  • By: chw staff

Just two weeks after Vodafone and Alcatel-Lucent said they are looking for more areas to test their Femtocell solutions, O2 today said today they are switching on their 4G (or LTE – Long Term Evolution) network in London. The Telefónica subsidiary is the first to offer 4G wireless to the capital and is expecting over 1000 individuals to take part in the trial. This includes businesses, social bodies plus demonstrations will be offered at O2 stores.

There are 25 4G sites going live this month and between now and June next year and area of about 40 kilometre square covering key business and social district, such as Canary Wharf, Westminster, Kings Cross, Soho, South Bank, Greenwich and Hyde Park have the signal.

Individuals taking part in the trial can expect mobile internet experience comparable to the fastest landline fibre home broadband connections. With the latest smart phones and tablets you can enjoy mobile online gaming, high-definition film and music streaming and quick access to social networks.

This roll out is being done months before the British telecom regulator Ofcom auction  the radio spectrum for this category of wireless communication; which Ofcom said it will do in 2012. No date has been announced yet but with this announcement, it indicates that it will be some where near the second quarter.

O2 is using the 2.6GHz spectrum band under a Test and Development licence granted to O2 by OFCOM, and is an extension of O2’s earlier 4G trials in Slough that have been running since 2009.

Partners in the trials include Nokia Siemens Networks, Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited and NEC.