Petra Solar Opens World’s First Integrated Solar Network Operations Center

  • Posted on: 26 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Petra Solar, the New Jersey based company whose SunWave™ systems combine distributed solar energy generation with Smart Grid communications and improved grid reliability features, celebrated today the grand opening of its Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC will serve as Petra Solar’s command center where the company will use its Smart Grid management software to remotely monitor and control all solar and Smart Grid assets in the field, both in the U.S. and around the world.

With the advent of the NOC, Petra Solar can now offer utilities a highly skilled asset management service with which to monitor and manage their renewable and Smart Grid assets. The Center features an expert team operating state of the art command and control equipment and highly scalable, secure software applications for managing very large distributed deployments of SunWave systems over a wide geographic area. These Smart Grid management software applications offer our utility partners grid reliability and operational benefits that go beyond solar.

“The launch of Petra Solar’s Network Operations Center further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to solar and Smart Grid technology leadership and international expansion. With our state of the art NOC, we have the ability to remotely operate and monitor our SunWave systems and positively impact grid reliability around the world. Petra Solar’s engineers will be managing our systems on a 24/7 basis, continuously collecting critical data to provide premier service to our global utility customers,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, Petra Solar President and CEO.

In addition to the NOC, Petra Solar has opened a showroom demonstrating SunWave units mounted on wood, concrete and aluminum utility and streetlight poles. Included in the showroom is a demo of Petra Solar’s Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) technology, developed through a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy. Through this innovative SEGIS technology, Petra Solar is creating solutions to enable the preservation of grid stability as the penetration of solar increases. This cutting edge development includes grid support functions achieved through an advanced energy platform with algorithms for dynamic reactive power control and grid stability assistance achieved through automated power control and storage management coordination.

Petra Solar's powerful product, pioneering people and strong business model form an exciting platform for building both environmental and economic sustainability around the globe. Its core solution, the SunWave system, is unique and innovative. With initial efforts focused on utilities, Petra Solar is creating a new category in the solar generation and Smart Grid fields while staying true to its commitment of green job creation.