Protect Your Digital Home Content With Home Cyber Shield

  • Posted on: 25 August 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

HCSToday’s homes are amassing digital content at an alarming rate, to the point where we are using small business storage solution to store them.  Also growing is the treat to hour private data/information. Identity thieves have moved on from scanning our recycle bins to accessing our digital data via our home network. To help us protect our digital data Certified Cyber Solutions has develop the Home Cyber Shield, a residential network security and information privacy management solution.

According to Certified Cyber Solutions, “The Home Cyber Shield is the premier network monitoringHome Cyber Shield and secure access solution on the market and solves many of the issues that are problems for today’s connected home,” Which as been named as a CEDIA ‘Best New Product Finalist’ for the 2010 CEDIA EXPO Best New Product category.

The credibility of the Home Cyber Shield is back by its background in the Department of Defense monitoring the NORAD Missile Defense and DRONE Surveillance program computer networks.

The Home Cyber Shield comes pack full of advance security features like concierge service, where the device is monitored by a external security company while you are out of the home or a sleep. If the device goes off line your external security company can remotely analyze, diagnose and fix the problem.

It monitors the networks bandwidth along with all the devices connected to it. If bandwidth falls below agreed limit the relevant parties are informed so the required actions can be taken.

Inside the Home Cyber Shield is Certified Cyber Solutions patented SAM software (Secure Access Manager) security solution, which protects the home from those who wants to hack into the network.