No Country’s government can hide or turn a blind eye to the development of smart technologies; especially if it relates to smart cities.  A smart infrastructure has the potential to save a country billions of dollars and enhance the lives of its citizens.  Before, these can be realised there a few key areas that if not supported will hinder smart city development and rob a country and its citizens of the benefits.

You might never think of it but the global Home Media Server market will worth over US $200 billion, by 2020. This is due to the growth in digital media services, according to a report titled “Home Media Servers: A Global Strategic Business Report” by Global Industry Analysts.  The easy installation of networking devices, such as PCs, Laptops and Tablets and the power of mobile devices and their ability to provide wireless Internet access help by our willingness to share is fuelling the need for home media servers, said the report.

Poly-Control has taken advantage of the new features in the Z-Wave Plus certification program in a new range of smart clocks for the connected home market.  The next generation of smart lock are due out in spring this year and will offer Z-Wave Plus' richer feature sets such as 250 percent higher data rate.

Todo today, annouced at CeBIT that they are partnering with IFTTT (If This Then That) to enable the use of the tado's geolocation feature for purposes other than smart heating or cooling. They are also offering developer and partner API for to further Tado's integration with other IoT and home appliances.

Lantig's new GRX350 Processor comes pack full of features for today's digital home.  These include True Quality of Service (TrueQoS), Trusted Execution Processor (TrustWorld) and hardware-enforced virtualization.  With its carrier-class network processing power, the GRX350 has the capability to manage the millions of packets from both wired and wireless devices.

The introduction of IT into any process, system or environment invariably changes our expectations of the level of service, for both service provider and customer.  By introducing the telephone and email the telegraph and letter services feel too slow.  Why send a letter when an email will do?  I can see the same scenario playing out in the connected home market space, where the line blurs between Business and Domestic Service Levels.  The idea that everything will be connected means customers expectations will change and it does not matter if the service is domestic or business.

I think security poses the greatest risk to the growth of the connected home market. The many reports of hacking and vulnerabilities in connected home solutions throughout 2014 caused many to raised concerns about the readiness of these solutions for consumers.  I see these issues as signs saying the sector has more work to do to improve security. The good thing is we are still at a stage where we fix these issues and build better solutions to gain public trust.

intel-mcafeeIntel Security a division of Intel has launched new security solution for the smart grid sector, called Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Intel said CIP is the result of extensive industry surveys among smart grids executives and a joint development in collaboration with the Department of Energy, Texas, Wind River and Texas Tech University. The solution works to protect today's smart grids from cyber and other IT related attacks and offers the added benefit of being able to work with legacy and new smart grid infrastructure.

Next month IKEA will be selling a range of bedside tables, desks, floor and table lamps, plus work lamps with integrated Qi-powered charging pads that charge your smartphone wirelessly.  All you will need to do is rest the phone in a specific spot and leave it to charge. According to IKEA the “Home Smart” furniture range will be in shops in Europe and North America next month (April) followed by a global rollout.

Sony is offering Playstation gamers a new on-demand cloud based TV service called Palystation Vue.  Playstation Vue, according to Sony allows you to access live TV and on-demand content without a cable or satellite service.  Sony said the new service offers the best of live TV plus a comprehensive catalog of the latest content to viewers.