Acer's Connected Home Solutions LumiRead and

  • Posted on: 3 June 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Acer has solidified its intention to join the connected home market with the launched of LumiRead an eReader and, a content sharing solution.  I have not seen much yet on how Acer plans to combine the products as a solution for the connected home. So far most of the information that I have seen is about the LumiRead. According to Acer is a solution that enables devices to talk to each other simplifying the process of sharing content and will put the human element above the technology.

The LumiRead is an eBook reader on the face of it but it is more a tablet than anything else. It has its own web browser and 3G connectivity. It is small on memory (2GB) to today’s standard but that can be extended with a Micro SD card. Readers have the ability create book wish list, scan ISBN and search partner catalogue. You can even save you web pages to read later. on the other hand I think will join an existing list of connected home solutions developed to make sharing of content between home appliances easier. According to Acer though, is more than software and hardware, and that is more an entertainment experience that allows real-time sharing and playing of multi-format content over multi-platform devices.

Acer sees the LumiRead and solution as a 360 degree digital experience where the ‘in’ communicates with the ‘out’ through console that allows users to enjoy media transversally. The Acer console is based on putting people at the center. It brings contents to the surface and makes them live the way they should: easy, intuitive, immediate and innovative.

All of this sounds good as a vision but we will have to wait to see how all of it will materialise.