STMicroelectronics Adds Twonky Media Server To Orly Multimedia Chip

  • Posted on: 14 October 2012
  • By: chw staff

STMicroelectronics and PacketVideo have collaborated to port the Twonky Media Server software to the STiH416 (Orly) connected home system-on-chip device.  According to both companies, the solution delivers state-of-the-art home multimedia capability, where content from many different sources can be stream to many different devices in the home, regardless of the original content format or the screen resolution of the display device.

STMicroelectronics and PacketVideo believe that by combining ST’s hardware solution with PacketVideo’s media server they have created a product that the multimedia world needs.  The platform provides multi-format transcoding and is DLNA and UPnP compliant; thus addressing the challenges of sharing digital content across the many devices in use today.

“Our collaboration with ST have demonstrated that the two key building blocks of the connected home – a high performance home gateway chip with built-in transcoding and a robust, versatile and standards-compliant media server technology – are not only available now but work perfectly together”, Frank LaBarbera, PacketVideo VP of Market Development.

The ST Orly chip combines advance broadcast capabilities that allow for extreme performance needed for a truly amazing home-entertainment experience. With intensive-on-chip computing, the device give consumers easy access to advanced digital entertainment experiences such as integrated broadcast and Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet content, 3D gaming and TV, social videoconferencing and home automation by communicating with other home devices and sensors.

“The goal of delivering ‘any content on any device’ has been an industry vision for many years and we are now showing a major step towards this vision of the ultimate connected home”, said Laurent Remont VP of ST’s Unified Platform Division.