Calico and Digi Partnered on Smart Grid Technology Solution

  • Posted on: 24 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Calico Energy Services, a company focused on smart grid data management solutions and services for utilities and power providers, and Digi International announced the availability of an integrated smart grid technology solution for energy and demand management.  According to a release, the solution is built upon the Digi X-Grid platform which provides device connectivity infrastructure, and Calico Energy's EIS platform, which provides a complete utility energy management solution coupled with residential and commercial load control.

Digi solutions offer functionality with the ability to integrate with many vendors' products. The Digi X-Grid solution enables real-time, IP-based monitoring and control of home energy devices beyond the electric meter. It provides real-time access to energy usage information, real-time control of energy consuming devices and real-time management of energy producing capabilities. The Digi X-Grid solution includes Digi's line of Smart Energy gateways, XBee ZigBee modules and iDigi platform to connect directly to home energy devices.

"The Digi solution provides a critical communication link in the smart grid value chain, enabling utilities to easily connect with their customers to provide them with enhanced services and an elevated customer experience. We're honored to partner with Digi and to provide our customers with the highest quality hardware and devices they need for a secure and reliable end-to-end energy management solution," said Brian Dawson, CEO of Calico Energy Services. "Our platform, coupled with the Digi X-Grid solution, enables power providers and their customers to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy smart grid technologies that provide real-time visibility and control of energy use."

"We are excited to work with Calico Energy as a smart grid application partner," said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International. "Their head-end system, OpCenter is a particularly valuable addition because of its ability to provide utilities with detailed visibility and analysis of energy consumption and its ability to identify which combination of energy management devices has the most dramatic impact on energy use. In addition, Calico's platform has the ability to automate residential and commercial device control, ensuring reductions in energy use and costs are permanent and dependable."