Control4, Cisco Collaborate on Smart+Connected Platform

  • Posted on: 15 February 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Cisco and Control4, two of the connected home heavy weights have entered into a strategic partnership around the creation of smart home energy management solutions.  Both companies already have their own platform; control4 has its EMS 100 Suite and Cisco has the Home Energy Controller (HEC).  Control4 recently announced that it was going through another round of funding, which could be the drive behind this partnership with Cisco.

With the HEC already a part of Cisco’s Smart Home Energy Management solutions; this collaboration with control4 will help them to market their Smart+Connected Communities platform through the Cisco’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

Under the agreement Control4 will work with Cisco to develop network-enabled automation platforms for connected smart communities and home energy deployments around the world. This will be done through a new Cisco-branded Control4 range of products.

Cisco is hoping that the new line of products will help them to tap into the growing development of Smart+Connected Communities around the world. This is where new government funded communities are developed as prototype communities around the smart grid concept. In these Community projects residents homes are developed using Smart Home Energy Management products that give them the ability to automate and control lighting, temperature, entertainment, communication, security and energy use.

Through this partnership Cisco said they are enabling an end-to-end, highly-secure Smart Grid communications infrastructure that will help utilities, businesses and consumers better manage and reduce energy consumption.

Control4 EMS 100 will play and integral part in Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities offeing. It comprises of the EC-100 energy controller, a 4.7" touch-screen with full colour interface that provides feedback on electricity consumption and costs; Control4®ADVANTAGE software, and a WT-100 ZigBee wireless thermostat.

“The integration of Control4’s operating system is a key component of the value proposition for Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities vision to use the network as the platform to build smart, green and connected communities around the world and helps bring the benefits of automation and control to potentially millions. This relationship is a great validation of our licensing strategy and will accelerate our international growth and reach with consumers, businesses and utilities,” said Will West Control4 chief executive officer.