ZAGG Announced New Product For CES 2010: ZAGGbox

  • Posted on: 29 October 2009
  • By: chw staff

ZAGG, a producer of mobile consumer electronics accessories with brands such as invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGaudio, today announced the development of a new product called the ZAGGbox. ZAGG said they are a finalist for the i-stage in the Consumer Electronics Association 2009 competition.  According to ZAGG the ZAGGbox is already with CE manufacturers and should be on the shelves late Q1 of 2010.

ZAGG representatives demonstrated the technology at the i-stage show. "We are introducing a game-changing technology with the ZAGGbox which will appeal to everyone from geeks to grandmas," said Brian Packer, VP of Marketing of ZAGG.

The initial features are:

  • The ZAGGbox easily records, stores, and plays your media. It is the media aggregator for videos, photos, and music in a single device.
  • The ZAGGbox automatically reads and transcodes any video codec into two formats at one time; one for television viewing and a separate version optimized for the Apple iPhone/iPod family.
  • The ZAGGbox operates as a universal remote. It can control any connected device using video switching via analog or HD/SD video cables through IR blasting. The easy-to-use onscreen interface of the ZAGGbox allows users to manage their integrated home media equipment from one convenient control.
  • The ZAGGbox can stream all stored content to a mobile Internet device, such as an iPhone. The media content streams through UPnP, Video Podcasting, or a built-in web server. In addition, the ZAGGbox has the ability to aggregate the video from compatible security cameras, which can be viewed on a live stream with a mobile Internet device.
  • The ZAGGbox iPhone app provides easy access and control on the iPhone platform. ZAGG is also developing similar apps for other mobile platforms that will be released soon after launch.
  • The ZAGGbox allows for home automation. Utilizing the Z-Wave system, it will be compatible with security systems, HVAC systems, door locks, or lighting. This feature set will be available shortly after launch.