Emerson Launches ComfortGuard Home Monitoring Service

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: chw staff

Emerson has launch its first heating and cooling monitoring solution, ComfortGuard. The solution will monitor the home’s heating and cooling in real-time to alert the homeowner of any immediate issue and any that are developing. With ComfortGuard enables homeowners to improve their home’s HAVC service by preventing energy waste and costly repairs.

At a starting price of $9.99 and a one-of installation fee (installation is charge separately by installer) you can be up and running with ComfortGuard. The ComfortGuard Monitoring Service is only available through Emerson’s authorise partners.

 It works by collecting data each time you turn on your heating or cooling. The data collected is transmitted and analysed to check for efficiency changes, filter degradation and component problems.  Should there be a problem an alert is sent to the ComfortGuard Monitoring team who analyse the data before notifying you and sending a repair personnel.

With ComfortGuard Emerson said they hope to arm homeowners with the necessary insight and guidance need to better managed their heating and cooling system; by providing early warning small issues can be fix before they get bigger and cost more to fix; Emerson’s are provided with insight and recommendation so homeowners can confidently make maintenance and repair decisions.

The service is currently available in St. Louis followed by Houston in the summer with other areas to coming soon.