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Emerson Launches ComfortGuard Home Monitoring Service

  • Posted on: 8 June 2014
  • By: chw staff

Emerson has launch its first heating and cooling monitoring solution, ComfortGuard. The solution will monitor the home’s heating and cooling in real-time to alert the homeowner of any immediate issue and any that are developing. With ComfortGuard enables homeowners to improve their home’s HAVC service by preventing energy waste and costly repairs.

Let a Ninja Manage Your Home

  • Posted on: 16 January 2014
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Ninja Block is a Kick Starter funded home automation start-up that makes DIY home automation a little bit easier. The solution is a free software platform that allows home automation enthusiasts to develop solutions that allow them to manage home connected devices from the web and mobiles. With it, you can create rules to manage you lighting, security and response to the home environment.

TapHOME Joins Z-Wave Alliance with New Home Control App

  • Posted on: 9 April 2013
  • By: chw staff

taphomeGerman manufacturer tapHome has release a new home automation app for apple iOS devices based on Z-wave wireless technology.  The app is free however, its part of a home automation kit, which features the tapHome’s EASYGate base controller, EASYPlug and the EASYPlugDim dimmer.  The whole package can be configured to be hub of your home automation with the convenience of being controllable via your smartphone.

Get The Connected Home Experience From Lowe's Iris

  • Posted on: 23 March 2013
  • By: chw staff

irisLowe’s reiterates its commitment to offering a connected lifestyle to homeowners, through its new range of connected home products and services.  The company has added Iris Comfort and Control, Iris Smart kit and, Iris Safe and Secure to complement its recently launched cloud-based home solutions.  Lowe’s extensive range of products will help to take out some of the inconvenience out of running a modern home.

Automate Your Home And Sell It For More

  • Posted on: 4 December 2012
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

The current market condition in develop countris has dampten the housing market so you might in selling or plan to sell your property but is discourage by what is being offered. You have done the basics like redecorating add a new ketchin and bathroom plus you have even thrown in few extras just the get the offer you want. It that has not worked, new home automation features is another method that can not only attract buyers but also raise the value of your home.

Crestron Wants to Make Home Automation Easy

  • Posted on: 1 December 2012
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

crestronCrestron is pulling out all the stops to connect all electronic items in your home so you can automate their management.  To date, they can manage your lighting, security, AV, home climate and some kitchen appliances. If I miss anything, it is just a matter of time before they can connect to it. Crestron is even making it easier for integrators to design and program your home automation solution with new software.

Vivint Releases Additional Secondary Control Panel

  • Posted on: 27 March 2012
  • By: chw staff

Customers of the Vivint home automation solution can now install more secondary panel (up to four).  Vivint said they have release the panels so that customer can have increased access to their system’s functions through these secondary panels. The touch-screen panels can be placed strategically throughout the home, giving customers additional points of access.

Comcast Launched Xfinity Home Monitoring and Automation Services

  • Posted on: 23 March 2012
  • By: chw staff

Comcast has launched a home monitoring and automation service for its Vermont customers.  Called the “Xfinity Home”, the service offers a range of security and energy management solutions, such as the ability to manage your thermostats remotely. In addition to asking your neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you are away, you can keep an eye on it as well.  Xfinity Home offers live video stream from your in home wireless cameras.

AT&T Enters Home Monitoring and Automation Market With "AT&T Digital Life"

  • Posted on: 23 February 2012
  • By: chw staff

AT&T initially indicated that they were planning to enter the home monitoring and automation market, has made it official. They will be unveiling it at this year’s GSMA Connected House Congress in Barcelona. The new home monitoring platform for service providers – is called “AT&T Digital Life”. The IP web based solution will give service providers the capabilities to offer their customers customizable, web-based home automation, energy and security services.