Entropic is Betting on MoCA for the Connected Home

  • Posted on: 9 June 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

This week Entropic Communications celebrated shipping more than 50 million MoCA 1.0/1.1 Silicon Solutions over the last four years.   Entropic attributes the milestone to the growing digital home market, where we are not content to just having one room in our home with internet access but all rooms and the growing list of connected home appliances. There is also a grow list of companies that are moving into the connected home market offering solutions such as home automation, security, control and entertainment.

The MoCA networking interface is one of the leading broadband solution available especially in the U.S. At its current version – MoCA 1.1, service providers and original equipment manufactures (OEMs) are facing the challenge of how to expand up their current digital MoCA 1.1 based services and equipment. This is because our lifestyle around digital media consumption is changing. We need faster broadband interfaces; we are downloading bigger files and doing more online.

At this year’s CE Show Entropic moved a bit further by launching the industry’s first MoCA 2.0 solutions. As they move pass the 50 million device mark and the industry move into the next generation of consumer behaviour, Entropic said OEMs now have the technology to develop devices that allow service providers to provide some of today’s most demanding services. The new MoCA 2.0 solution expands on the current MoCA 1.1 services and equipment, while allowing backward compatibility.

"Entropic is focused on further advancing MoCA solutions to give consumers the best experience for video, voice and Internet services and the ultimate control over how, when and where they enjoy their home entertainment." said Patrick Henry, president and CEO.

The company said the recently launch MoCA 2.0 solution will allow operators provide full resolution 3DTV, remote user interface protocols and all IP video networks with converged high speed data access all over the same in-home Coax cable. This is on top of today’s multi-room DVR, streaming HD VoD and WiFi extender services.

As the company to toward shipping the next 50 Million chipset Patrick said, "Demand for connected home entertainment is driving what we believe will be a multi-year growth cycle for the consumer electronics industry, and our MoCA solutions are paramount in this advancement."