nVoy To Make Hybrid Home Networking Possible

  • Posted on: 12 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

As the saying goes one hat does not fit everyone and the same applies to home networking.  Our home today will have a mixture of devices that use different method of communicating; that is because we buy devices base on the service it provides rather than its method of networking. Therefore, you will see that the devices we have may use Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Homeplug, MoCA or a combination of some. Thus, the introduction of nVoy, a solution based on the IEEE 1905.1 standard.

Intel Puma 6 Powers Comcast's XFINITY Wireless Gateway

  • Posted on: 10 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

Intel Corporation today announced that Intel Puma 6 is the silicon powering Comcast’s recently announced XFINITY Wireless Gateway. The Cisco-made XB3 device is a blazing-fast next-generation DOCSIS 3.0 wireless gateway that delivers data, voice, MoCA 2.0 wireline networking and dual-band wireless coverage in the home to power PCs, game consoles, tablets, smartphones and other customer owned Internet-connected devices.

nVoy Certification to Usher Hybrid Home Networking into the Mainstream

  • Posted on: 4 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

Hybrid home networking will move from specification to reality with the introduction of a new nVoy certification and marketing program for HomePlug, MoCA, Wi-Fi and Ethernet products implementing the IEEE 1905.1 hybrid networking standard. By providing a common communication protocol, nVoy Certified products will enable consumers and service providers to leverage the strengths of the wired and wireless networking technologies prevalent in many homes today.

Entropic and Zenverge Collaborate on Open Screen Solution

  • Posted on: 1 October 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Zenverge is to leverage Entropic’s MoCA 2.0 platform to offer service providers and Open Screen solution. Both companies have announced that they will be collaborating on a MoCA (Multimedia over Coax)-based transcoding appliance reference design that allows service providers give customers the freedom to view personal or Pay-TV content on any consumer electronics (CE) device. In addition, Entropic has made a strategic investment in Zenverge totaling 10 million dollars (USD).

Intel, Entropic and SMC Networks Collaborate on a new MoCA 2.0 Gateway with DOCSIS 3.0

  • Posted on: 9 August 2011
  • By: chw staff

Intel, Entropic and SMC Networks announced plans to collaborate on a new generation of DOCSIS 3.0 data gateway with MoCA 2.0 for service providers.  The partnership between the three businesses will leverage the power of Intel’s Puma 5 family of DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems, SMC’s expertise in producing advanced DOCSIS data gateways and Entropic’s complete MoCA 2.0 silicon and software solution.

Entropic and Zoran To Develop MoCA 2.0 IP-Based Set-Top Boxes

  • Posted on: 21 June 2011
  • By: chw staff

Entropic Communications and Zoran Corporation have announced that both companies will be collaborating on a new MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) 2.0 Set-top box reference platform. The platform will help to speed up the development of MoCA 2.0-enabled IP-based set-top-boxes as service providers move to IP gateway/client architectures in the home.

Entropic is Betting on MoCA for the Connected Home

  • Posted on: 9 June 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

This week Entropic Communications celebrated shipping more than 50 million MoCA 1.0/1.1 Silicon Solutions over the last four years.   Entropic attributes the milestone to the growing digital home market, where we are not content to just having one room in our home with internet access but all rooms and the growing list of connected home appliances. There is also a grow list of companies that are moving into the connected home market offering solutions such as home automation, security, control and entertainment.

Broadcom Announces First SoC 40nm HD 3DTV, Set-top Box Video Gateway Solution

  • Posted on: 16 December 2010
  • By: chw staff

Broadcom is offering OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and reference design developers of connected home devices a new System-on-Chip (SoC) solution that offers superior speed and better integration. The new chip is called the BCM7422, and is the industry’s first SoC to combine a 1.3GHz multi-threaded MIPS with the latest MPEG industry standard scalable video coding (SVC) that allows STBs (set-top box) to offer 1080p high definition 3DTV.

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) Ratifies MoCA 2.0 Standard

  • Posted on: 15 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) today announced the ratification of MoCA 2.0,  giving OEM and operators a clear roadmap for them to invest and develop technologies that will serve the gorwing need for better connected devices.  The new standard will benefit technologies such as multi-room DVR, broadband extension and PC-to-TV connectivity, that will provide consumers with more robust, satisfying whole-home networking experiences.

Next Generation System-on-a-Chip Set-top Box Solutions from Broadcom

  • Posted on: 27 October 2009
  • By: chw staff

Broadcom, a fables semiconductor company that specializes in wired and wireless home networking solution, this week announced a new HD cable set-top-box system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution with their BCM7119 and BCM7125 chips.  The new technology will allow manufacturers and cable service provider to offer the latest in connected home technology at a cheaper price.