FutureDash Adds Secure Home Energy Monitoring to GreenDash With GridLock

  • Posted on: 20 December 2010
  • By: chw staff

Eleven months after the release of GreenDash, FutureDash has release a new patent pending secure home energy monitoring addon to GreenDash, called “GridLock”.  The addon is to facilitate the secure transfer of data from the user's premises to the energy supplier.  Also to keep the data secure so users can later access it to query and analyse their energy usage. According to FutureDash, GridLock is in response to the concerns raised over the security, accessibility, ownership and use of that data, as it offers significant insights into a homeowner's daily routines, behaviors and lifestyles without their knowledge.

With the arrival smart grid it is imperative that the data that leave our homes are secure and remain private. Should it be release into the public or the wrong hands, consumers are at risk of having their privacy invaded by commercial entities and worst still they could become the target for burglars.

Even though laws and standards are being created to protect the consumers, FurtueDash wants to nip it in the bud. "Having foreseen these concerns, GreenDash was engineered with privacy by design as a fundamental concept," said Allan Hundhausen, FutureDash CTO.

GridLock technology allows GreenDash to present an instant view of home energy consumption while maintaining complete data privacy. Unlike other solutions, GreenDash displays are not viewed from a cloud-based portal but from the gateway inside the home.

Historical data is fully encrypted in transit to and while stored in the cloud for archival purposes. Only the originating homeowner's gateway has the ability to decrypt and display it -- even FutureDash cannot read it.

FutureDash will be at next year's CES 2011 demonstrating the GridLock-enabled GreenDash otherwise freetrial are available from channel partners.