Greenpeak Offers First Dual-Protocol Zigbee Chip, GP710

  • Posted on: 10 September 2012
  • By: chw staff

Makers of set-top boxes, gateways and smart home controllers with Zigbee RF4CE should now find it easier to integrate home automation into their smart home products.  That is because Greenpeak, a semiconductor company has release a new chip (GP710) that supports Zigbee RF4CE and Zogbee IP/Zigbee PRO protocols.  Therefore, products developed with the GP710 chip will be able to extend their functionality within the home.

“The GP710 provides a low cost solution that combines different Zigbee Network protocols into a single chip,” said Cees Links Greenpeak’s CEO.  The benefits of the GP710 are, manufacturers get a much simpler product design, the one chip makes it cheaper to develop products and a more flexible finish product.

“Greenpeak has developed special hardware features to enable multi-protocol support, minizing the interrupt load on the set-top box processor, allowing simultaneous RF4CE and other Zigbee protocol operations,” said Links. “Greenpeak’s GP710 communications controller will make new smart home service offering less expensive because new residential applications can all be controlled from the set-top box or gateway using a single device.”