IBM Offers Smart Meter Monitoring Software

  • Posted on: 9 March 2011
  • By: chw staff

IBM has rolled out a new range of monitoring and analytic software that will help core infrastructure providers manage their systems.  The applications, according to IBM aim to advance smarter cities and industry transformation across water, energy, transportation and healthcare.  Connected to a network of sensors, 4G wireless networks, RFID tags, smart grid network, real-time information can be collected to understand system status and the ability to monitor and analyse new streams of data.

With growing implementation of smart device and better quality wireless network, standard infrastructures around the world are being transformed to smart ones. The software developed by IBM allows industries to collect, monitor and analyse new streams of data from areas such as water, building, energy, transport etc.


Smart Building Software – This software is available as an open beta release for property owners and managers. It helps them reduce facilities operations and energy expenses.  The smart building software combines real-time monitoring and analysis, facilities and space management capabilities and advanced dynamic dashboards.

IBM has also collaborated with business partner Esri to include the ability to visualise building from an aerial view.  With this additional feature building managers can drill down into the details of the building and floor plans, to locate problem components.  IBM expects its smart building software to reduce energy consumption by as much as 35 to 40 percent.

Intelligent Metering – The amount of smart meters expected to be in operation in the next few years are expected to reach into the millions. These smart meters are will be more connected than any previous utility supplied device, which means utilities are expected to be more aware of the state at any point in time. The intelligent Metering Management software by IBM offers greater visibility, automation and control of the smart metering infrastructure. The Intelligent Metering Management software allows utilities to be notified of changes outside devices normal behaviour, so that faults can be detected and fix.