Ip.access and AlertMe Collaborate on Femtocell Solution

  • Posted on: 21 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Ip.access has teamed up with Alertmd to demonstrate how Femtocell can be integrated in smart home energy management solutions.  By integrating ip.access’ Femtocell technology with AlertMe Energy Service  the system automatically detects when phones enter or leaves the house and can therefore turn off lights, radio, television and other home appliances automatically when the house is empty and switch then back on when you return.

Femtocells are devices use in homes and office to strengthen mobile signals internally and re-route data through an existing broadband connections.  This helps to save money and reduce the load on the mobile network. Ip.access could be on to something here, because according to Dr. Andy Tiller of ip.access “using a Femtocell to personalise supplementary services codes is a new and unique idea.”

The solution is develop mainly around mobile phones using its “presence” information.  Normally this information would be used by the Femtocell to route cellphone traffic and set tariffs.  So the integration of these technologies and services, “enables the mobile phone to become a powerful controller for all kinds of applications in the home, and because it is a network-enabled feature, it works with any handset – there are no applications to install.”

Ip.access will be showing the demonstration at the Femtocells World Summit in London from 22-24 June.