The New Vue Network Camera by Avaak

  • Posted on: 2 March 2009
  • By: chw staff

The new Vue personal video network Camera developed by Avaak allows realtime remote video and internet connectivity.  Use it at home are at work to keep in touch with work collegues, friends and family.

vue network camers

If you are worry about leaving your home un watch this device should help to keep your mind at ease, knowing you can connect at anytime and have a look around. I have the same features of the eye spy camera we featured here before.

The has a range of up to 300 feet (can be extended) and can transmit an estimated one million frames on a single battery. Avaak said the system is easy to setup and does not require specialist knowledge for installation. Once the system is in place and working users can will have to login to the VueZone website to view images.  From within their account on the VueZone website users can manage the feeds from within their homes or offices.

"Just as YouTube is ubiquitous for sharing life's memorable moments, and Google Earth forever changed the way we view our planet, we believe the Vue personal video network will transform the way consumers use remote video viewing in their daily lives," said Gioia Messinger, founder and CEO of Avaak. "The convenience, low cost and unprecedented flexibility of the Vue system combines to create a lifestyle accessory few families or businesses will want to be without. The system complements consumers' busy lifestyles by providing an easy way to stay in touch with your home and business, while also offering a tremendous peace of mind when traveling."