Orb Networks Launched MyCast And Orb Live for iPad and Android Phones

  • Posted on: 11 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Orb networks, a digital media streaming solution company has introduced two software solutions as the answer to the limited storage on portable devices and the limited amount of internet content they can access. Both solutions, the Orb Live for iPad tablet computers and Android phones and MyCast version 2.57 for PCs and Apple Macs, allow you to access stored media on your computer or live streaming content.

The Orb Live solution operates by a process called “placeshift”, in that it lets you access your personal media such as live TV, photos and videos and internet TV from your PC/Mac to your portable device. It works with an Android phone, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

With Orb there is no need to worry too much that you don’t have the space or you have to set around your computer to watch a program you would like to see.  Orb makes it possible for you to stream whatever media you have on your computer to an Android device.  It could be a live TV program or web-cam feed it can handle it.

What is Orb MyCast?
Orb MyCast is a personal media server for PC or Mac that enables users to placeshift personal content, live TV, and internet TV to other PCs, game consoles, smartphones and mobile phones with browsers. Orb has a rich history of enabling PC and Mac users to placeshift content from their home PC or Mac. Today's release of MyCast 2.57 enables users to placeshift internet TV streams from ESPN3. Content that users can view on their PC can now be viewed on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

What is Orb Live?
Orb Live is an application for iPhone and Android that allows users to stream personal content, live TV, and internet TV streams from their home PC to their mobile device.  Orb Live has been optimized for transmission over Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE networks and is the most full-featured personal media streaming solution for Android phones, iPhones, iPad and iPod touch devices.
Orb Live is available from the iTune App store and the Android Market. MyCast is available as a free Download from orb.com.