Paramount Movies Now on Kingston Flash Memory

  • Posted on: 4 November 2009
  • By: chw staff

Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE), a division of Paramount Pictures and Kingston Digital part of Kingston Technology Company have collaborated to offer full-length motion picture feature films on Kingston® Flash memory products.  With the size of memory sticks, increasing in size and decreasing price this would make it easier for consumer to manage.  The Kingston DataTraveler 200 for e.g., goes up to 128Gb, this will make it easier to travel with your favourite movies instead of a big DVD case – with one movie.

According to Alex Carloss, EVP and GM of Paramount Digital Entertainment, "As more and more movies are viewed on computers and other portable devices, having a relationship with Kingston will become increasingly important to Paramount for years to come.  This unique agreement enables Paramount Digital Entertainment to make available its entertainment offerings on USB and SD cards."

The movies will be available to consumers as part of a bundle package and for sale. The press release did not say how and when these products will be available or for what price.

"PDE adds great value to our memory products. We look forward to working with them to bundle additional Paramount content on our full line of USB drives and Flash memory cards." said Rick Webb, vice president, consumer markets group, Kingston. "Kingston is very excited to join forces with Paramount Digital Entertainment on this venture as they are one of the most innovative and forward thinking studios for digital distribution."