Petra Solar Expands With Research Center in The Middle East

  • Posted on: 11 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Petra Solar, the New Jersey based pioneer and market leader in grid-tied, pole-mounted, distributed solar generation systems which include a Smart Grid backbone for utilities, today announced its continued international expansion with the launch of a research and development center in Amman, Jordan. This new office will enable Petra Solar to provide regional technology expertise that is geared to the needs of its partners in the Middle East.

The launch of a R&D center in Jordan further demonstrates Petra Solar’s ongoing commitment to expanding its international business, and developing the solar and Smart Grid markets in new regions around the world. Petra Solar is actively partnering with key Middle Eastern companies on solar and Smart Grid initiatives and is developing research agreements with leading regional institutions. The office in Jordan is the result of a meeting last spring between Petra Solar’s founder, President and CEO Dr. Shihab Kuran, and His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein of Jordan. This collaborative effort with the Jordanian government will promote local economic development and create green jobs in Jordan.

“The growing global demand for sustainable energy and jobs provides a tremendous opportunity for Petra Solar throughout the Middle East and the world. Jordan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the Middle East. Tapping into the region’s research and development talent will facilitate the international expansion of our products and will take our utility based solutions to a higher level,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Petra Solar.

Dr. Kuran is currently in Jordan, meeting with Jordanian government officials including Prime Minister Samir Rifai, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Marwan Juma, members of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, leaders of electricity distribution companies and Jordanian energy developers to discuss partnership opportunities.

”Our cooperation with Petra Solar represents our commitment to the alternative energy sector and our confidence in Petra Solar’s ability to tap into Jordan’s human capital and help create a solar industry in the country,” said Marwan Juma, Minister of Information and Communications Technology.

As part of Petra Solar’s plan to expand internationally, the company is partnering with key Middle Eastern companies on solar and Smart Grid projects that confront renewable energy challenges with inventive solutions. Petra Solar employs an international team of engineers and scientists including talent from the Middle East who are valuable contributors to product development and advanced research efforts. In addition, the company is engaged with many countries around the globe and is helping them achieve their goal of an energy independent future.

Petra Solar’s powerful product, pioneering people and strong business model form an exciting platform for building both environmental and economic sustainability around the globe. Its core solution, the SunWave™ system, is unique and innovative. With initial efforts focused on utilities, Petra Solar is creating a new category in the solar generation and Smart Grid fields while staying true to its commitment of green job creation. The company is a strong advocate of tying local consumption to local manufacturing, resulting in the creation of local green jobs and economic development.

About Petra Solar:
Petra Solar, founded in 2006 by CEO and President Dr. Kuran, is the pioneer of SunWave™, a new technology that combines distributed solar energy generation with Smart Grid communications and improved grid reliability features to create a comprehensive utility grade solution. One of the key advantages of the Petra Solar solution is its flexible grid integration architecture. Petra Solar is the only cleantech company that provides utility-grade, grid-tied, distributed smart solar systems that can be installed on existing assets such as utility and streetlight poles. Petra Solar's success is the culmination of more than 18 years of research and development.