Pioneer's Latest AV Receivers: SC-LX82 and SC-LX72

  • Posted on: 20 August 2009
  • By: chw staff

pioneer av receiverComing to a shop near you next month are two of the latest in AV home entertainment technology from Pioneer.  These two systems will set the benchmark in high power AV receiver performance.  The SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 AV receivers are design to bring enhanced clarity, detail and dynamic “quick response” from lossless Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks used in Blu-ray Disc entertainment.  Both SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 AV receivers offer seamless digital audio connectivity to iPhone® and iPod® devices.

The new SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 AV receivers incorporate Direct Energy HD Amplifiers built on ICEpower Class D technology with integrated analogue feedback, to ensure exceptional reproduction of high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio.  Pioneer pushes the boundaries of AV receiver innovation with the SC LX82, which provides the full advantages of this amplification technology in addition to achieving THX Ultra2 Plus as well as AIR Studios certifications.

Pioneer’s new high-end models successfully recreate studio-quality sound as a result of the exclusive Direct Energy HD Amplifier built on ICEpower analogue Class D technology.  Pioneer engineers worked in tandem with the renowned AIR and THX experts to develop a highly efficient Class D amplification design that offers dynamic amplification capabilities and a wide range of unique processing technologies.

The SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 utilise Burr-Brown analogue to digital converters (ADC) and renowned Wolfson digital to analogue converters (DAC) that work to maintain high resolution performance throughout the entire digital signal processing chain from input to output.  The SC-LX82 takes DAC performance further with a professional-grade Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit sampling rate converter (SRC) for ultra-wide dynamic range and advanced jitter reduction for all digital sources. Once integrated into the new generation entertainment systems, these AV receivers provide advanced processing for superior high resolution audio playback.

Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) works to upgrade sound playback quality in any room configuration. This system optimises a room’s acoustics by making subtle adjustments to a connected speaker system, optimises the sound field of the listening area and fine-tunes for exceptional sonic performance.  Utilising Full Band Phase Control, the new receivers can eliminate group delay that is sometimes caused by the network inside of the speaker unit and ensure audio arrives at the listening position in perfect sync.

The new AV receivers are engineered to deliver lossless HD audio with breathtaking fidelity in perfect harmony with Pioneer’s Blu-ray Disc players as well as with the most advanced plasma and LCD monitors on the market. For the ultimate cinema experience, they are equipped to handle 24p signals and allow HD 1080p display devices to show films at 24 frames per second – precisely the cadence at which they were shot, mastered and stored on disc. And with Pure Cinema technology, they can even restore film frames for flicker-free progressive output.
When connected to a BDP-LX52 Blu-ray Disc player via HDMI, users can take advantage of a Multi-Channel Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) that “speed synchronises” the digital audio data between the receiver and the player to deliver jitterless audio transmission of stereo or multi-channel uncompressed LPCM audio, resulting in strikingly clear sound.

Enhancing the overall user experience, the new AV receivers represent an all-digital entertainment solution for today’s media devices. A customised USB/composite video cable (delivered with the product) and a multi-format front panel USB port provide plug and play connectivity and control of iPhone® and iPod® devices - featuring digital audio.  Users can navigate iPhone® / iPod® content with the receiver’s remote control as well as deliver it to 2nd and 3rd zones using the receivers’ multi-zone capability.  Playback of iPod® / iPhone® video and photo slideshows is also possible.

The SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 take advantage of two unique digital audio enhancement technologies.  Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) breathes life into compressed 2-channel digital sound formats like MP3 as well as multi-channel Dolby Digital and DTS, while Auto Level Control (ALC) minimises volume differences between 2-channel as well as multi-channel tracks, or different sources, improving playback quality and volume consistency.

As versatile as they are powerful, Pioneer’s latest AV receivers open up a world of possibilities. The SC-LX82 and SC-LX72 enhance the home cinema experience with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) compliant Home Media Gallery. Through the receiver, users can easily access and stream digital media files directly from a connected home PC or laptop computer with media server IP networking capability, or listen to Internet radio. Five HDMI inputs – including one on the front panel – allows connection of multiple high-definition AV sources and switching between them is seamless and smooth.

With the Multi-Zone feature it’s become possible to play different entertainment programmes in separate rooms of the house simultaneously. To ensure easy operation, both models are equipped with KURO LINK technology and an attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI). KURO LINK gives access to the receiver’s main functions with the KURO flat screen TV remote control unit, while the intuitively designed GUI streamlines initial installation, calibration and content control.

To recreate the entertainment experience intended by the original artists, Pioneer’s newest models have a robust build quality. Taking a cue from the flagship ‘Susano’ SC-LX90 AV amplifier, the SC LX82 and SC-LX72 utilise unique Separated Component and Direct Construction techniques, featuring improved isolation between the pre-amplifier and amplifier sections for precise, high powered reproduction of high resolution audio formats at efficient power consumption rates