SeaChange Implements Mobile TV Services for StarHub

  • Posted on: 19 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Inorder to extend its services and to offer its mobile subscribers more choice StarHub has teamed up with SeaChange to create “StarHub TV on Mobile”.  Using SeaChane Intelligent Video Platform, StarHub is now offering it subscribers the ability to view up to 24 branded premium pay channels through their mobile handsets.
With the growth in mobile handsets that are smarter, more powerful and the popularity of android technology; StarHub is positioning itself to generate more revenue by offering entertainment on the go.  “With its focus on seamless cross-platform QoS and full monetization, StarHub is creating services unlike anything the TV industry has seen, and which clearly represent where the industry is heading “, said Lincoln Owens, SeaChange’s Director of Broadband, Asia Pacific.

SeaChange IVP

The SeaChane Intelligent Video Platform (see diagram above) is a next generation digital TV solution for cable operators who wants to extend their digital TV services across all three screens (PC, TV and Mobile).  The StarHub on mobile service comprised of SeaChange Adrenalin mobile video system; integrated Envivo 4caster encoders for on-demand and live streaming; eventIS video-on-demand back office for automated content.

StarHub has over half a million pay television household and over 1.9million mobile subscribers.  The implementation of SeaChane Intelligent Video Platform will help StarHub to offer optimize personalized video streaming to the mobile phone platform.  This whole new system is part of StarHub’s triple-play hubbing strategy.