Somfy Launches TaHomA Home Automation Solution

  • Posted on: 5 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

Somfy, the home solution specialist has launched a new home automation solution – TaHomA, that allows you to control, schedule and manage your Z-Wave enabled home systems.  Using a iPad, iPhone or computer you can access and control your lighting thermostat and integrated window systems to manage your energy use and protect your home. The Somfy TaHoma offers an easy to use web interface which guides you with intuitive graphics and step-by-step prompts as they personalize their home energy functions.

TaHomA is short for Total Home Automation, and according to Somfy’s CEO Michael Lee, "TaHomA presents a practical and strategic extension of our current business, as it seamlessly integrates Somfy's existing collection of trusted products that have been used in homes around the world for decades."

By using Z-Wave you will not have a to worry about rewiring your home, Z-Wave is a wireless platform solution that uses simple and reliable low-power radio waves that allows it to communicate with other compatible management solution. With the integration of the Somfy home automation solution you will be able to access your home appliances from outside your home or you could schedule them to behave in a way to fit your life style.

"With the launch of TaHomA, we offer a unique and affordable tool that will help consumers achieve greater energy efficiency while enjoying the ease and luxury of home automation," said Lee.