TCL China Has Adopt DiiVA Smart TV Platform

  • Posted on: 2 December 2010
  • By: chw staff

China’s Television Manufacturer TCL has licenses the Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio™ (DiiVA™) consortium, smart TV platform for its next generation of connected TV.  Under its recently released technology standard , DiiVA as created a new architecture that allows consumers to access their digital content across all 3 screens (PC, Mobile and TV). Its home entertainment architecture removes the need for user to remember what content resides on what source device, and how that source device is connected to the TV.

Through a unique combination of uncompressed digital video and audio, networking, high-speed data, device addressability, power, control protocol, command and middleware application layers, the DiiVA home entertainment architecture provides a new, personalized home entertainment experience that enables consumers to easily find content and enjoy it on any display throughout the home.

"As a leader in the Chinese TV market and major player in rapidly growing TV markets around the world, TCL believes that the next wave of TV innovation beyond 3D and connected TVs will center on the smart TV. We intend to leverage the next-generation user experience and TV-Smartphone interaction made possible by DiiVA to promote our lineup of smart TVs as we compete on a global basis," Dr. Yan Xiaolin, vice president of TCL Group and president of TCL Corporate Research.