Time Warner Cable Selects Motorola EDGE Manager

  • Posted on: 17 October 2012
  • By: chw staff

Motorola's EDGE Manager has become Time Warner Cable (TWC) chosen platform for device management. The solution will allow TWC to access its subscribers devices and provide services such as software update and troubleshoot problems.  Time Warner Cable will be able to see these devices operating in real-time so that they can identify and address issues before they become a problem.
TWC is Motorola’s first US tier-one cable operator to deploy the EDGE Manager. Speaking about the partnership, John Burke, SVP Converged Solutions at Motorola Mobility said, “EDGE is already responsible for managing more than 20 million devices around the world and with Time Warner Cable, we're growing our footprint to millions more.
Motorola EDGE Manager is an advantage multi-screen and gateways device management platform, allowing operators to be proactive about ensuring a quality experience for subscribers. It provides seamless unified management of data and video services enabling TWC to deploy and manage both traditional and IP-based services. "Motorola EDGE Manager enables improved consumer experiences in an increasingly crowded home ecosystem, and it's ready for the demands of tomorrow's multi-screen environment,” said Burke.
"Motorola EDGE gives us the capabilities we need to provide our subscribers with the best possible experience on all of their screens. It lets us deliver this quality experience, while scaling to the largest number of users with minimal overhead, addressing the growing number of devices in the home, and allowing our teams to deliver better customer service," said Howard Pfeffer, Senior Vice President of Broadband Engineering and Technology at Time Warner Cable.