Why You Should Consider Getting a Home Automation Kit

  • Posted on: 4 October 2015
  • By: chw staff

If you have not considered getting a home automation kit then maybe now is the time to think about getting one.  You might not see what the craze is in sticking up gadgets around your home to monitor it, but there is a lot gain from having a reasonable priced home automation kit. Behind all the technology is the idea of having a connected home, one where all home appliances are able to communication with each other and you are able to communication with then at home or while you are away.  With a home automation kit, you can monitor your home and your microwave, refrigerator, home entertainment system and washing machine will allow you to communication with them from work on the road or from anywhere there is an internet connection.

home automation kit

At the moment you can get different packages for a home automation kit, you can pick the service you want now and at to it as you get more comfortable with technology.  However, the future of the basic home automation kit is limited because as the technology develops the basic functionalities will move into the home appliances themselves. The more advance functionality will remain, because as our lives changes so we will require the technology to change with it.

Because a home automation kit can be configured to manage home appliances around our lives it allows us to only use energy when we need it.  The benefits of having a home automation kit are many; you can save money, time and energy by having one of these kits. A home automation kit comes in many shapes, sizes, features and complexity.  The entry level is the plug that manages what time a device should be on or off, and at the other end is the solution that manages everything that uses electricity and offer means of communication, whether inside or outside the home. Some also offer access via the web from anywhere in the world.

The technology behind all this intelligence is call powerline Ethernet communication some of us might already be familiar with it and already using it. Powerline communication is the ability to allow appliances to communicate with each other using the existing power line already in our homes. Yes, we are now able to communicate via the plug sockets in our homes whether via a smartplug, powerline Ethernet adapter, or using the appliances themselves. The other technology is Wi-Fi, the same Wi-Fi we use for internet browsing and other web services or some other variation.

One of the key drivers for the development and use of home automation kit is the impact our energy use is having on the environment and our pocket.  Wouldn’t you like to know how much energy you use yesterday or last week also how much a particular appliance cost to operate?  There are home automation kits to help you understand your energy use so you can control it. Just having a smart thermostat will help to automate your heating to help to reduce wastage. According to British Gas an estimated 25 per cent of home gas usage is wasted when we are not at home or when we are a sleep, a smart thermostat would reduce this wastage.

Some kits have alerting services, where you will get a text message to tell about a security breach. If you have kids at home, you can monitor them.  There are solutions that allow you to see who is at the door when the bell rings, so you can communicate with them or let them in if necessary.

You can get a home automation kit from a service provider such as your telecom provider or you can get one from an online retailer such as Amazon.com.