Yahoo! TV Widgets Customers to get Roxio CinemaNow Movies

  • Posted on: 13 July 2009
  • By: admin

Yahoo TV WigetsSonic Solutions, announced plans to introduce a Roxio CinemaNow(R) Widget. Starting this fall, consumers with Internet-connected televisions running Yahoo! TV Widgets will be able to find, rent and purchase Hollywood's hit movies from the Roxio CinemaNow service instantly on their connected TVs.

Yahoo! TV Widgets enable popular Internet services and online media to reach viewers with applications specifically tailored to meet the needs of the television watcher. Yahoo! TV Widgets are powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, which is based on the popular Konfabulator(R) widget platform for PC that Yahoo! re-engineered specifically for consumer electronics devices. Yahoo! is enabling an ecosystem of developers, publishers, device manufacturers and advertisers that will benefit consumers by bringing the best of the Web to television. For more information on the latest on TV Widgets, go to

"Whether on the go or in the home, consumers are increasingly looking to seamlessly access and enjoy their favorite entertainment on connected devices," said Mark Ely, executive vice president of strategy, Sonic Solutions. "With Roxio CinemaNow running on Yahoo! TV Widgets, consumers will now be able to find, rent and purchase Hollywood's hit movies instantly on their connected TVs."

"By creating this revolutionary new Internet experience and combining our technology with the global distribution of major consumer electronics and content partners, we enable consumers to access the relevant information and content to enhance their television watching experience," said Patrick Barry, Vice President, Connected TV, Yahoo!. "Yahoo! has combined key attributes of the Internet, including openness, community, and personalization, with the power of television."

Roxio CinemaNow offers a massive selection of premium video entertainment for rental or purchase, including new releases from major Hollywood studios often on the same day the DVD is available in stores. CinemaNow's cloud-based media services power devices from multiple manufacturers, forming a connected ecosystem that consumers can use to seamlessly choose, move and view video entertainment.

The CinemaNow ecosystem currently includes PCs, connected TVs, set top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc and mobile media players from leading manufacturers such as Archos, Dell, HP, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, Pioneer and TiVo. As well as being available on a range of consumer electronics, Roxio CinemaNow is currently powering internet movie delivery for Lionsgate, Warner Bros. and Blockbuster, and is instantly accessible through

About Sonic Solutions
Sonic Solutions(R) (Nasdaq: SNIC) is powering the digital media ecosystem through its complete range of Hollywood to Home(TM) applications, services, and technologies. Sonic's Roxio(R) products enable consumers to easily manage and enjoy personal digital media content as well as premium Hollywood entertainment on a broad range of connected devices. A wide array of leading technology firms, professionals, and developers rely on Sonic to bring innovative digital media functionality to next-generation devices and platforms. Sonic Solutions is headquartered in Marin County, California.