The Future of 3 Screens is With Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0

  • Posted on: 7 January 2010
  • By: chw staff

mediaroom2Customers of subscription television that is powered by Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 are to receive a host of additional services.  In this new version, the concept of the 3 screens (PC, TV and mobile phone) becomes a reality.  Mediaroom 2.0 supports whole-home digital video recording, on-demand capabilities, access to both operator-hosted content and Internet TV, and interactive applications.

Microsoft said version 2.0 combines client software with cloud-based services to provide viewers with access to a world of great content on the big flat screen in their living room, the PC in their office, and even the Smartphone in their pocket. “Our strategy with Mediaroom is to combine the power of client software and cloud-based services to greatly enhance the way consumers experience digital entertainment,” says Enrique Rodriguez, corporate vice president for the TV, Video and Music Business at Microsoft.

Mediaroom 2.0 will allow subscription TV operators to expand the reach of their television service to include Windows 7-based PCs via Windows Media Center, Web browsers on both Macs and Windows-based PCs and, in the future, compatible Smartphone’s. This version of Mediaroom gives operators the ability to manage their IPTV networks and extending their television services to their unmanaged broadband networks, allowing them to reach more viewers than before.

According to Enrique Rodriguez “We want to make it easier for consumers to find and discover great content, to watch, listen and engage in new ways, and to do so anywhere and on any screen. Mediaroom 2.0 is a key milestone in our strategy, providing the software platform to power operators’ service clouds to reach more screens, and more people, with more content than ever before.”

The advantage of the multiply screen solution is that you can start watching a TV programme at home and switch to watching it on your mobile. No need to tape it until your return home.