Your Home Is Listening With Ubi

  • Posted on: 17 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

Developed by the Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation based in Canada, Ubi is define as a Ubiquitous Computer with a microphone, speakers and listens for commands. Ubi can be your voice to the rest of your home, It listen for your voice command carries them out and communicate back to you through speech or by using lights.

The Ubi device is not on the market it (although its available for pre-order) however, it is seen as another leap in how we interact with our home. In addition to listening to your voice, Ubi has sensors to monitor your home environment’s temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient lighting.ubi

To maximise the use of Ubi a homeowner would have one in each room, for easy access. They would network wirelessly to provide a constant listening ear to your commands and to monitor the whole home. User can plug in speakers, USB drives, or connect through Bluetooth directly to your iPhone or other Android devices.

Ubi also has a programming interface that will allow developers connect it with other devices wifi or Bluetooth. The potential of this means Ubi through your voice commands manager connected devices in our homes. It can even function as part of a home security system, by texting your mobile in the event that a door is open or a light turned when you’re not home.

Ubi is currently in beta testing, so watch this space we will keep you informed.

source: Ubi