Introducing Zigbee Gateway Standard

  • Posted on: 29 July 2011
  • By: chw staff

The Zigbee Alliance has extended its standards to allow Zigbee networks to be accessible from the internet.  The new standard is called Zigbee Gateway and it is to allow device manufacturers to focus more on application development for the home.  It removes the need for customers or proprietary platforms and allow for better M2M communication.

ISV now has a common methodology on which to develop software that enhances the user’s experience.  Zigbee Gateway provides connectivity to Internet Protocol-based networks, plus access to a variety of cloud and smart phone services designed for consumers.  Consumers will benefit from more monitoring and control capabilities, including convenient smart phone or tablet app integration for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone operating systems at lower prices.

Zigbee Gateway is the 10th Zigbee standard and the first for the new category: Zigbee Network Devices.  The Zigbee Network Devices category will also be home for soon to be created standards for bridge and extender devices, it will also assist and exspand Zigbee PRO-based networks.

Zigbee Gateway standard supports the following Zigbee standards: Building Automation, Health Care, Home Automation, Retail Services, Smart Energy and Telecom Services.

“Zigbee Gateway gives product manufacturers and service providers a smart and easy way to expand device functionality and deliver the benefits of Zigbee control via the internet,” said Bob Heile Zigbee Alliance Chairman. “Zigbee networks today routinely access the Internet and Zigbee Gateway make the job of integrating Internet connectivity simple.”