2014 CES Buzz #01

  • Posted on: 11 December 2013
  • By: chw staff

The connected car solution provider QNX has developed another connected concept car, which according one of the developers Alex James, takes the concept of a connected car to the next level.  Last year they modified a Bentley Continental but this year they are keeping the car identity under wrap until the show on January 7.

Sony 4KTV

Sony has been doing a lot of marketing around the 4K TV so far this evening I have seen about four of these adverts in less than an hour.  There is news that for CES Sony will feature its biggest and best range of 4K TVs including concept models.

Visteon Electronics, another car information solution provider said they have a few concept solutions that they will reveal at 2014 CES. The company said they have a number of advance driver and passenger technologies to display and added benefit these solutions require less physical interaction from both drivers and passengers.

Highlights of Visteon Electronics' display at CES include:

  • Advanced vehicle cockpit concepts featuring unique user interface controlled by the driver's eye gaze and head direction coupled with image attribute tracking; The use of gesture recognition, interacting with advanced camera technology, to replicate a virtual display of the driver's hand motion; A new connectivity gateway, designed to securely connect all aspects of the vehicle to the user and Cloud computing.
  • The first presentation of Visteon's cockpit electronics experience developed for a new connected car project, which includes autonomous driving features, in collaboration with a European car manufacturer.
  • Advanced connectivity and infotainment solutions based on open architectures and delivering a new experience of services and applications to drivers and passengers.
  • Next-generation user interface products and concepts with advanced instrument display and touch technology, including reconfigurable, high-resolution color displays, offering clarity and graphics quality considered unrivaled in the automotive market.
  • The unveiling of Visteon's new premium audio and infotainment; and instrumentation brands.

According to Gartner “by 2016, the majority of average car buyers for a standard brand vehicle in mature markets will expect at least basic Web-based information availability in their new automobiles. This tipping point will be achieved in 2014 for premium brand vehicles. By year-end 2020, Gartner predicts that more than 80 percent of all new vehicles sold in mature automobile markets, such as the United States, will offer connected-vehicle functionality.” (read the rest here)

Audio-Technica, is  also holding back on what they are show at CES, they said they will be introducing its first-ever gaming headphones (ATH-AG1 and ATH-ADG1).  According to Audio-Technica the new headphones are design and develop to draws listeners completely into the gaming environment. Both headphones include a built-in microphone and detachable USB D/A converter/headphone amplifier.  Also, five new models its SonicFuel over-ear headphones will be introduce.

News is also out that Samsung will feature it latest flexible OLED screen at CES.  The company’s screen department Samsung Display has confirmed that there are plans to introduce flexible screen in the first half of 2014. So in 2014 you may see the flexible OLED screens on Samsung Galaxy or tablets, smartphones or TVs.

This is the first of our 2014 CES Buzz where we hope to highlight some the news on the wire around next year’s event.  Follow us on Twitter to get the latest