Emotiv New Headset

  • Posted on: 26 January 2009
  • By: chw staff

I ways thought that no one or anything can read your mind, but developers at emotivtm (www.emotiv.com) has claimed that they can. They have developed a device called emotiv, they said the device can read certain thought patterns and carry out the action requested.

At the moment you can use the device to play certain games and instructions (developed to interact with the device). As the technology develops who knows what you will be able to you just by thinking it.

Looking at it domestic purposes, it will be able to communicate with many other devices in your home. e.g. You will be able to skip channels on your TV and Radio, communicate with your DVD, CD and your set top box. Maybe it could be programmed to programme you by managing your moods via you environment.

The device is not expensive either; it cost about £200.00, very affordable for cutting edge technology. The company is located in Australia and San Francisco. Visit (www.emtiv.com) for more detail.