4Home Announces Connected Home Services Platform for Intel Atom Processor

  • Posted on: 15 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

4Home today announced a reference home management software platform optimized for the Intel Atom processor that enables the development of a variety of home networking products that can offer connected home services. The new platform is the basis for the Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design that Intel will have on display at the Connectivity World tradeshow on June 15th in Chicago, demonstrating the platform’s ability to deliver new connected home services over Intel Atom processor-based platforms.

Reference Platform Features

Services Deployment - the platform’s modular services architecture allows service providers or retail OEMs to deploy multiple or standalone services to consumers including energy management, home control, home health, media management, and home security.

Lightweight Design - size is among the major advantages of the reference platform. The lightweight footprint of 4Home’s ControlPoint software matched with the Intel Atom processor’s small form factor compose a diminutive platform that can be embedded into a variety of mobile and home networking devices, empowering a new generation of smart products from the ground-up.

Advantages for Hardware Manufacturers

The software on the Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design allows consumers to manage many aspects of the home environment including energy usage, lighting, home security, personal, health, media, and more.

"The 4Home solution based on the Intel Atom processor would be equally at-home in a mobile phone, laptop, or set-top box thereby empowering a wide range of use cases that will delight customers," said Jerry Kurtze, Director of Marketing at 4Home. "The proof of concept was designed to realize the full capabilities of connected home services in a form factor that’s familiar in the home environment."

"The Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design based on the Intel Atom processor and 4Home ControlPoint software has plug-and-play functionality and built-in network intelligence," said Kevin D Johnson, Director of Embedded Connected Devices, Intel Embedded & Communications Group. "This gateway serves as the single services hub for the home, enabling Service Providers to offer a new range of advanced connected home services for increasing ARPU and profit."

Connected home services are an opportunity for device manufacturers to offer differentiated products that can adapt to the changing needs and habits of their consumers. Through The Intel Connected Services Gateway Reference Design, 4Home provides possibilities of a next-generation of devices that not only function better, but most importantly function better as a group to give consumers more value across an ecosystem of connected products.