Affinegy Release DigiDo for Digital Lifestyle Market

  • Posted on: 9 June 2009
  • By: chw staff

digital lifestyleAffinegy, the software company that makes the Digital Lifestyle just work, today announced a dramatic expansion and re-branding of its InstaLAN home data networking product line. The new Affinegy DigiDo suite targets the accelerating convergence between traditional home data networks and emerging media and entertainment network environments inside and outside the home. The suite is a unified solution that makes it easy for consumers to connect new devices and adopt new Digital Lifestyle services. Affinegy showcased DigiDo, and discussed its company momentum, as well as spoke on a panel, at last week’s CONNECTIONS™: The Digital Living Conference and Showcase, hosted by leading research firm Parks Associates with support from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

DigiDo delivers rich analytics regarding the composition, usage and performance of individual Digital Lifestyle networks. DigiDo is newly modular with a rapidly-skinnable GUI for ecosystem player branding. It features new integration interfaces that enable the assembly, distribution and embedding of expanding end user solutions and services. Building on the company’s existing blue chip customer base of broadband service providers, Affinegy DigiDo will be delivered to end users via broader distribution channels, including networking and CE gear manufacturers, premium application and support services, and software vendors.

“With the explosion of new devices and services, the Digital Lifestyle economy represents a $1 trillion annual market opportunity by 2012,” said Melissa Simpler, CEO of Affinegy. “But consumers must be able to easily connect those devices and adopt those services without frustration, or they will not see the value. With Affinegy DigiDo, we are now unlocking that value by making the Digital Lifestyle just work, on any device, at home or on the go.”


Affinegy DigiDo Guide – The Digital Lifestyle guide for the consumer who wants to consume new technology and services but doesn’t know how to get started. Affinegy DigiDo Guide runs in a web browser, quickly identifies what the consumer is connected to, and provides a simple actionable recommendation that leads to new device purchases and service subscriptions.

Affinegy DigiDo – The only Digital Lifestyle enablement solution that works with new and legacy devices, DigiDo makes it simple for end users to connect, manage and use new operator-bundled devices, their existing router, or add IP-enabled devices, like gaming consoles, smartphones, and wireless printers to the existing home network. DigiDo promotes and facilitates end user adoption of new Digital Lifestyle devices and solutions. DigiDo’s What’s New hooks end users on promotional offers in a dynamic and individually targetable manner. DigiDo is downloadable via the web or installable from a CD.

Affinegy DigiDo Care – For any company delivering managed services to the Digital Lifestyle consumer, DigiDo Care is a consolidated service and support delivery platform, providing real-time and logged reporting of configuration, asset, performance and fault information within the user’s Digital Lifestyle network environment, through a user opt-in or configurable SLA basis. This rich visibility aids care agents and operations managers in improving the customer experience, reducing call duration, and tailoring the Digital Lifestyle offering to user interests.

Affinegy DigiDo Insights – Leveraging telemetry data from DigiDo-enabled devices, DigiDo Insights is a comprehensive analytics platform that gives Digital Lifestyle ecosystem players unprecedented insight into the heterogeneous consumer network, and provides the foundation for targeted marketing, premium application and support services and new CE and networking gear sales.

Affinegy Company Momentum:
The company also announced that its home data networking technology has now been deployed within 2 million consumer households, where it provides intelligent, secure, wireless interconnectivity across 3.5 million computers and peripherals. To date, Affinegy software has been delivered as a value-added managed service to end subscribers, via relationships with large operators such as Charter Communications, Clearwire, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Virgin Media, and others. These customers have gained tremendous benefit by deploying the company’s technology as the cornerstone of their managed home networking services, including ARPU increases of up to $100 annually, over 80% reductions in network installation times, over 50% reductions in support calls, and dramatically reduced service abandonment and customer churn rates.

With the transition to the Affinegy DigiDo platform, these benefits will extend to diverse players in the Digital Lifestyle ecosystem, including networking gear providers, premium support services, CE device manufacturers, and software vendors.

“Having delivered high-value home networking solutions to millions of consumer end users, Affinegy is uniquely positioned to exploit accelerating IP convergence trends,” said Kurt Scherf, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Parks Associates. “Their proven technology and vision for bringing simplicity and intelligence to the Digital Lifestyle makes them a formidable player in this enormous emerging market.”

About Affinegy
Affinegy provides software solutions that remove the networking complexity for consumers who wish to lead a converged Digital Lifestyle, and enable service providers to maximize revenues and profitability in the Digital Home. Our solutions deliver the “it just works” consumer experience that enables mass market adoption of video, data and voice services delivered through IP networks, uniquely spanning existing, new retail and custom networking equipment. Market-leading service providers across North America and the UK, including Charter, Cox, Clearwire, Time Warner Cable, Virgin Media, are deploying Affinegy solutions as the foundation of their Digital Home services. More information about Affinegy can be found at, or via email addressed to [email protected].