Cox Communications Selected Entropic MoCA Solutions for Its Connected Home Entertainment Platform

  • Posted on: 24 April 2009
  • By: chw staff

Entropic communications inc, a leading provider of silicon solutions to enable connected home entertainment, announced that Cox Communications, the third-largest cable television company in the United States, is adopting MoCA technology for high-performance delivery of HD video and other multimedia content into the connected home. Cox Communications plans to begin deploying new MoCA-certified set-top boxes with Entropic's award-winning c.LINK(r) MoCA chipsets embedded to deliver multi-room DVR to its subscriber base later this year.

MoCA - Powering Connected Home Entertainment
MoCA has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of service providers while addressing the digital entertainment appetite of consumers. A robust MoCA home network is capable of handling multiple streams of HD video simultaneously and offers throughput up to 175Mbps, parameterized quality of service (PQoS), 16 node support, and remote diagnostic capabilities.

Today's digital home requires the most reliable network available to connect the home and the family to digital content and broadband services. MoCA creates a whole home entertainment network enabling the sharing of HD video, IP-based content, personal movies, photos, music and even gaming over the existing coax found in millions of U.S. homes today.

"MoCA is an important enabling technology for our connected home entertainment strategy. With it, we can offer our subscribers new ways to enjoy Cox's video services including multi-room DVR and other connected entertainment services," said Steve Necessary, vice president of video strategy and product management for Cox Communications. "Our relationship with Entropic dates back several years and we are pleased to leverage their MoCA solutions as part of our connected entertainment strategy."

c.LINK -- Market Proven and Robust Home Networking Technology
Cox Communications' new set top boxes include Entropic's award winning c.LINK silicon, which has already been deployed in millions of homes to enable the creation of a whole home entertainment network. c.LINK chipsets provide superior speed and range throughout the home versus competing wired or wireless solutions, boasting a PHY data rate of 250 Mbps and MAC layer throughput up to 175 Mbps. The current generation of c.LINK solutions supports up to 16 MoCA devices on a network and offers parameterized quality of service (PQoS). This level of performance creates a future-proof home entertainment network capable of handling multiple HD video streams and data traffic simultaneously to provide a glitch-free consumer entertainment experience. For consumers, c.LINK makes multi-room DVR, PC-to-TV content sharing, multi-room and online gaming, and extended wireless coverage possible.

"Cox Communications subscribers will be able to enjoy multi-room DVR and a whole suite of connected home services," said Patrick Henry, CEO of Entropic Communications. "We are proud that Cox Communications has adopted Entropic's MoCA solutions for their connected home entertainment platform and look forward to working together to drive innovation to address future subscriber needs."

Entropic Communications is the leader in MoCA technology and has shipped over 20 million c.LINK chipsets to date.

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About Entropic Communications
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