Airspan 4G Network Chosen for Smart Grid in Austria

  • Posted on: 4 October 2011
  • By: chw staff

Airspan Networks announced that it has been chosen by Salzburg AG Austria, with integrator partner Zehetner Elektronik, for a Smart Grid 4G deployment in Salzburg, Austria.

Using Airspan's 4G smart grid solution, Salzburg AG collects real-time data from remote controlled transformer stations enabling the utility to better monitor and forecast service requirements which results in limiting service disruptions and delays, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, and cutting expenses. In addition, the Company is leveraging the 4G equipment to offer broadband services such as Internet and future-planned VoIP (voice over IP) to residential and small business customers.

The network, operating in 3.4 GHz, is powered by Air4G, a leading-edge, all-outdoor, compact base station, which allows for secure, wireless communication and information exchange with low cost of ownership and quick deployment model.

The deployment is continuing to expand and already covers thousands of end-user sites.

"Salzburg AG is consistently updating technology in order to best serve our customer base. Airspan's smart grid solution enables us to incorporate the remote control of transformer stations and a smart metering system while we improve our business offering," commented Christian Koessler, Project Leader of Salzburg AG. "We are very pleased with Airspan's standardized infrastructure, which is delivering long-range and multi-megabit connectivity allowing us better control, planning, billing and real-time energy measurement."

"Utility companies, such as Salzburg AG, are expressing a strong interest in Airspan's Smart Grid solution," commented Henrik Smith-Petersen, President of Global Business Development for Airspan. "We offer a very flexible, affordable solution that fits diverse business models. Utilities have been working diligently to modernize and streamline their networks and Airspan provides an ideal solution that helps these companies improve general operations."

Airspan's Smart Grid solution suits electric, natural gas, oil, water and sewage companies. In addition to immediate information gathering, the 4G networks support applications such as AMI backhaul, distribution automation, demand response, SCADA, mobile and remote workforce connectivity and fleet management.