Leading Chip Makers Accelerate THX Media Director Adoption

  • Posted on: 16 September 2011
  • By: admin

Leading digital component suppliers have partnered to integrate THX Media Director into their solutions.  At CEDIA 2011 Quantum Data, Sigma Designs, Analog Devices and Silicon Image announced that CE manufacturers using their component is new devices can now benefit by having THX Media Director already integrated.  It is now easier to integrate THX into devices such as AV receivers, Projectors, Blu-ray players and Televisions.

The THX technology will do most of the work for you when playing movies, music and other digital media content by reading the metadata or "smart content" that comes with the media.  It then instruct your entertainment system to auto-select the most appropriate audio and video playback settings, giving you the best experience.

Analog Devices, Sigma Designs and Silicon Image have integrated THX Media Director in components that support industry standards (CEA-861 and HDMI) and features (multiple Vendor Specific InfoFrame (VSI) processing). Making it easier for CE manufacturers to start introducing THX Media Director enabled products.

To Date Analog Devices has is offering THX in its ADV7850 HDMI Complete AV Front-end chip.  Sigma Design has it in SMP864x, SMP865x and SMP8910 family of chips.  Silicon Image said THX Media Director is supported in seven of its HDMI port processors and transmitters and Quantum Data will provide support to other chip makers who want to offer THX support on their chip.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga On Blu-Ray is the first THX Media Director Enabled Blu-Ray Disc to be release so far. THX said they are currently working on releasing more THX Media Director titles, these are due later this year into next year.