Alertme Adds Carbon Calculator to Home Energy Monitoring Services

  • Posted on: 26 September 2010
  • By: chw staff

AlertMeAlertme, UK based home energy management solution provider has added a new feature to its website that let its UK customers see how much carbon dioxide their home is generating in relation to their electricity use. Alertme customers can now find out their carbon footprint in comparison to the national average.  Also available is a Time of use feature which show customers how their energy use and cost spread across different time of the day morning, day, evening and night.

Earlier this year Alertme launched an upgraded online user interface, iPone App along with added services. The upgrade version and added features has allowed customers to see their home energy used and spend in realtime, from anywhere and at anytime.  Customers can allow get a cost prediction for their next bill.

Alertme said they have partnered with Google PowerMeter so that customers with a Google account can access Alertme through iGoogle.  They have also created a widget for Yahoo, so Yahoo users can integrate their energy management information even more easily into their homepage of choice or desktop.

“Our aim is to give customers easy to understand information on their energy use anytime, anywhere and allow them to access this simply as part of their daily routine whether that be online, on their mobile phone or on their iGoogle or Yahoo home page,” said Jody Haskayne at AlertMe.

Alertme Full Feature List.

  • Power Now: tells you the power you are using right now, how much energy you have consumed so far today and profiles your historical use.
  • Cost prediction: Helps you budget your energy use by showing the cost so far today and predicting the total cost today, this week, this month and for the year.
  • The AlertMe Swingometer: Helps to keep you on track by comparing your energy consumption with previous days and compares you with others in your region and nationally.
  • Temperature: shows the temperature in your home right now compared to current local weather outdoors. It also gives you maximum and minimum temperatures inside and outside.
  • Appliances: using AlertMe’s Smart Plugs consumers can also profile their home appliances and devices to find out how much each consumes and allows you to remotely control them to save money.
  • Time of Use: allows the user to see how their energy use and cost is allocated across the morning, day, evening and night, even highlighting the heaviest hour.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator: allows existing AlertMe customers to see accurately the amount of carbon dioxide their home is generating in relation to their electricity use.

The AlertMe Home Energy Management starter kit is available for £29.99 or £49.99 with an in home display. (The Energy Kit with Display is available on pre-order at the AlertMe web site from today). Both services carry a £1.99 monthly subscription.

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