Green Wave Reality Get's Home Energy Management Platform Funding

  • Posted on: 27 June 2010
  • By: chw staff

Green Wave Reality DisplayWith an $11 million equity injection lead by Craton Equity Partners Green Wave Reality has announced plans to start pushing its home energy management platform into Europe, North America and Asia. The platform, according to Green Wave Reality is easy to use, affordable, an open standards-based platform and will enhances utility companies' relationship with their customers and better balance energy on the Grid while helping consumers to conserve energy and save money in return.

The Green Wave Reality home energy management solution is built on open industry standards and internet protocols, which allows for easy installation and integration with other products. “This platform is also designed for interoperability with other Z-Wave and ZigBee mesh-networking products, smart meters, heat pumps, digital thermostats, electrical cars and other home sensing devices, providing the flexibility to incorporate future services such as hoem security and elderly care.”

Green Wave Reality Power Nodes

The GreenWave Reality standards-based platform creates a home area network (HAN) comprised of a concurrent radio gateway, smart power nodes, in-home display and controller along with an intuitive and engaging consumer application. At the heart of the GreenWave Reality solution is a gateway that automatically and securely connects to the power nodes, making appliances smart, energy conscious, and controllable from within the home or remotely via the Internet or a smartphone.

Green Wave Reality Gateway

Green Wave Reality said they have recognise that lighting can accounts for up to 20% of a home’s energy usage, and is working on a new intelligent LED light solution. The new lights will be affordable and can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% over incandescent light bulbs.  They will be wirelessly connected to the home network and centrally control by the Green Wave Reality energy management platform.

The data center component of the platform provides utility companies with a wealth of energy and usage data, assisting in their efforts to shift demand from peak to off-peak times or better incorporate the use of renewable energy sources. The GreenWave Reality platform was designed to provide utility companies with an extremely secure and scalable architecture.

"GreenWave Reality has created an open, standards-based platform with a modular design to interoperate with existing and new devices such as digital thermostats, heat pumps and electrical cars," added Martin Manniche, Chairman and CTO of GreenWave Reality. "The platform is also designed to provide utilities a highly secure solution that can scale to millions of users."

[via green wave reality]