Tulix Systems And Caribcast Offer Google TV App

  • Posted on: 26 May 2013
  • By: chw staff

Caribbean broadcaster Caribcast TV have launched their Google TV platform with help from CDN services and IPTV CRM solution provider Tulix Sytems. Caribcast offers programming aimed at Caribben expat already are already part of the Roku Channel Store. With Tulix, now they can reach those who want to watch programmes via Google TV.

Tulix said the whole Caribcast solution is benefiting from its CDN services and IPTV, Customer Relationship Management and Monetization Applications. The Tulix system manages subscription, billing and the CRM aspect of the whole business and customer relationship.

According to Tulix, it system will work “easily work for content providers who offer access to their programming on PC, Mac, multiple mobile devices and platforms as well as Roku, Neo TV, other IPTV systems and now Google TV”.

It also works seamlessly for content aggregators who are offering multiple channels, tiers and varied pricing based upon which package the subscriber chooses.

“The solutions provided by Tulix Systems have been innovative, reliable and efficient; this has allowed the team at Caribcast to focus on new content and subscriber acquisition,” stated Tyrone G. Robertson, President and CEO of Caribcast.