Atos Origin and NXP Introduce Smart Grid Security Solution

  • Posted on: 27 January 2011
  • By: chw staff

At the Smart Metering UK & Europe Summit 2011 in London today Atos Origin and NXP unveiled a new Smart Grid security solution. Both companies have combined their different expertise to create a unique end-to-end security and authentication solution for utility companies. The solution brings Atos Worldline's ESS (Energy Security Service) and Atos Worldline's SMP (Smart Meter Personalisation) together with secure last-mile devices and authentication technology from NXP.

With the current concerns being raised about the security of smart grid data leaving our home and how secure it is, the solution developed by Atos and NXP will allow for the secure transfer and storing of these data.

The solution features the Atos Worldlines ESS and Worldline SMP, which encrypts messages as they leave the smart meter and go to the meter data management platform and the storage of that data. For prepayment meter the solution includes NXP au10tic, an integrated authentication platform that secures data, prevents energy theft, preserve privacy and prevent counterfeiting of last-mile devices, and NXP smart card reader ICs.

"The need to secure last-mile devices in the Smart Grid has been a major concern for Smart Utilities as we work with them to secure their networks," said Andreas Fitzner, director of sales utilities, Atos Worldline. “As a trusted supplier of security ICs to governments around the world, NXP brings a strong portfolio of embedded security and trust provisioning solutions that will help us deliver a true end-to-end data security and privacy solution for the Smart Grid."