P&TLuxembourg Selects Netgem's IPTV nCloud with N8000 MediaCenter PVR

  • Posted on: 14 October 2011
  • By: chw staff

Netgem has announced that it has been selected by P&TLuxembourg, Luxembourg's leading telecom operator, to upgrade its service to next-generation IPTV offering. Netgem will provide P&T with its software and intelligent set top boxes (STB) to give its subscribers a unique rich TV experience. The enhanced service will be rolled out in October 2011.

The use of Netgem's nCloud architecture, based on its embedded software and intelligent set-top boxes, gives P&T the flexibility to integrate value added content, including Video On Demand, the popular Catch-up TV service from RTL Luxembourg and other Internet applications, regardless of whether this comes from P&Ts managed IPTV or unmanaged Over-The-Top network.

Subscribers to P&T's premium package will receive a Netbox N8000 MediaCenter PVR, allowing them to seamlessly access a range of more than 200 Live IPTV channels, over-the-top VOD and Catchup TV content, radio and social content from web applications and their personal content from their private home network.

Users will be able to pause and record content through the STB's PVR functionality, access their home content from the STB's Mediacenter and use their smartphone as a remote control. Those customers on P&T's standard package will receive Netgem's compact IPTV box, also provisioning multi-room services to premium package subscribers thanks to Netgem's middleware capability to support multistreams offerings.

"We decided to work with Netgem because its software allowed us to make a smooth upgrade to IPTV 2.0 to offer our subscribers a raft of new services," said Marc Rosenfeld, member of the board of directors of P&T Luxembourg. "Our customers will now benefit from a new exciting TV experience with highly intuitive and fast navigation, seamlessly blending IPTV channels with rich internet content and must-have apps like Facebook and the web radio service TuneIn, developed for the STB thanks to Netgem SDK partner MultimediaVision. The openness of Netgem's Middleware and SDK was definitely a key criterion in our choice."